7inch Damascus Santoku Knife Rosewood Series



The 7" Damascus Santoku knife (Rosewood Series)is a stunning general-purpose blade that steals the show with its elegant design, durability, and ease of use.

This versatile chef knife is perfect for precision tasks in the kitchen, boasting a masterful ability to slice, dice, and mince your way to mouthwatering meals. Perfectly balanced, as we use only the best materials for our knives and the best methods for assembly.


Highly precise, extremely sharp and visually appealing, the Santoku Knife is made of Excellent 67 layers 10Cr15CoMoV core Damascus steel grade material with vacuum heat treatment. The hardness reaches 60 ± 2HRC.

Prepare your meals with finesse and ease using this exquisite, premium quality Santoku knife.

The blade has been polished carefully and manually, with high anti-rust and and anti-corrosion treatment.


The handle is made of Premium Rosewood with double steelhead for an excellent touching and exquisite look.

Level of cutting force: 6.0-8.0 N international standards.


Our carefully designed and crafted santoku knife can last as long as one lifetime, meaning you get the same blade sharpness years after your initial purchase. If you routinely sharpen your knife and care for it, the quality never fades away.


  • Blade Material: 67 Layers Damascus Steel

  • Handle Material: High-Quality Premium Rosewood

  • Core Hardness: 60±2 HRC

  • Angle of the Edge: 15-Degree per side

  • Thickness: 2.2mm

  • Weight: 240g


  • 7" Damascus Santoku Knife 

  • Beautiful black gift box.


  1. To ensure the knives' anti-rust function, please don’t let acid or corrosive juice left in the knife surface too long, such as tomato juice, lemon juice, etc.
  2. After use, please be sure to clean the knife, dry it with a clean cloth, placed it in a dry and ventilated place.
  3. To ensure to reach a better cutting effect, please select different types of knives to cut different food.
  4. When the knife is blunt, please use sharpener or grindstone grinding forth and back a few times, then the knife will be as sharp as new.
  5. please do not use your finger to test the sharpness of the blade.