Bladeless Tower Fan With Remote

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Place our standing oscillating tower fan anywhere to create a quiet, cool environment for you and for you family!

Our oscillating fan has Unique design. it's an Innovative bladeless fan with advanced safe air inlet grille. With its fluid dynamic design that increases air volume while blowing out soft air, and that ensures safety for baby, kids, and pets.

It has a Large-slope turbine silent air duct, after inhaling air, it generates powerful wind through turbocharging.

This tower fan generates natural wind, which makes the running noise extremely low and protects sensitive ears from disturbance.

The bladeless fan looks exquisite, stylish, with practical function. Very suitable as a gift for children, elders, friends, and lovers.


  1. This Bladeless Tower Fan uses a silent motor that produces very little noise, is energy saving, and has a powerful wind.
  2. The design of this Bladeless Tower Fan is novel and beautiful, and the material is hard and durable.
  3. Oscillating Fan bladeless Tower Fan has a silent motor that consumes half the energy of a conventional fan, work life is longer.
  4. The Tower Fan Cooler is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth, no need to worry about the dust.
  5. Fan bladeless: the Bladeless Cooling Fan has no blades chopping the air means airflow is smooth, with no unpleasant buffeting. Gentle breeze making it safe for children and Pets.