Handmade Butcher Serbian Chef Knife - Full Tang Steel Cleaver



Have you ever wondered how famous restaurants are able to effortlessly chop meat away from the bones?

Hand-forged and hardened the process involves quenching tempering and hammering, The quenching splash temperature is 780 degrees and the tempering is 180 degrees - 200 degrees, the finished result produces a knife that has a life span of anything from 15-20 years.

  • A high carbon steel blade Gives a long-lasting sharp knife.

  • The high heat quenching technique increases the durability and wear of the knife. 

  • Ideal for delicate vegetable work or heavy chopping.

Serves as a multipurpose knife by letting you cut from veggies to the meat to everything!

This is the last knife you’re ever going to need – Don’t take our words. Experience it yourself.


  • Minimal Wrist Fatigue & Incredible Control: With the wood & steel shank the knife provides anyone with great control over chopping

  • Easily Separates Meat Away: The carbon blade which is thoroughly tested with ancient techniques is sharp enough to throw away any bone from meat.

  • Handmade & Forged in 20 years: Made up of high carbon steel the knife provides toughness and resistance. 

  • This knife has proven its ability to withstand the rigours of tough restaurant use.

  • The knives are sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei.


    • Blade length: 16.5 cm
    • Blade width: 10.5 cm (The widest point)
    • Blade thickness: 5 mm
    • Net weight: 440 g
    • Material: Handmade Forged High-carbon Clad Steel.
    • Handle: Full Tang integrated steel shank rivet fixing G10 Handle