Garden Edging : Stone Effect Pathing Edging


Our interlocking edging is designed for easy installation with no digging or any other preparation needed.

Simply place the edging where you would like and use a rubber mallet to softly apply the edging border to the ground, we recommend the edging to be used on soft, wet soil and when using a mallet please do not apply with force.


From spring right through to winter, these Plant Bordering give your garden a fantastic new look all year round and border your flower beds with the Grey Stone Effect Lawn Edging.

A Cobblestone, the effect keeps your garden neat and tidy and looking good with this attractive edging border.


The overall look of this lawn edging is in the style of cobblestone so it is sure to look great in your garden as it separates the grass on your lawn from the plants on your flower beds.

Ideal for borders, flowerbeds, pathways, lawns, grass and vegetables.


No digging or cutting required. Making sure the soil is soft and slightly damp, interlock the pieces together and insert into the ground. Make sure not to hammer the plastic edging into the soil, as this could cause damage to the product.


24cm x 10cm when inserted, stake 13cm. Set of 10 covers 2.5 meters of lawn edging, and the Set of 20 covers 5meters.