Magnetic Wooden Knife Rack - Wall Mounted Knife Holder


Wall Mounted Wooden Magnetic Knife Rack

Elegant and practical design, it is fresh and new way for our customers to proudly display their KIPOKO knives. Designed and developed to fit in any home or kitchen space, the sleek design offers a very modern, professional, and organized aesthetic.

Made from Ash wood which is known for its quality and rustic beauty. The knife rack includes a powerful magnet to securely hold your knives, scissors, bottle openers and other metal kitchen utensils.

All magnets are concealed giving a flawless and stylish appearance.

The magnetic knife holder is available in 3 different sizes for maximum convenience.

  • The “Large” bar is 46cm (about 18 inches).

  • The “Medium” bar is 40cm (about 16 inches)

  • The “Small” bar is 30cm (about 12 inches).

Mounting is made very easy with two keyholes that are hidden on the backside with a template included for ease. Simply attach two screws into your mounting surface and place the holder on top of them. Standard screws and wall anchors for concrete/brick walls are included in the package.

Please note: The knives in the picture are not included.